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Upload guidelines

The following upload guidelines will explain to you the type of photos that you can upload to O-Line-Photos and supply you with (technical) information on how to upload the photos.

1. Type of photos. O-Line-Photos does not want pornographic photos or nude photos or any photos of that type. All photos of this type will be removed immediatly so please do not upload them. For more information about photos that you can upload to O-Line-Photos, please refer to the photo guidelines.

2. Photo format and size. Uploaded photos should  be (preferably) at least 5 megapixels in jpeg format. Any individual photo should NEVER exceed 50MB. 

3. The upload process. Uploading photos is an intensive process for the computing system. To process the photos you upload, the system requires some processing time. PLEASE DO NOT BROWSE AWAY FROM, OR CLOSE THE UPLOAD PHOTOS WINDOW BEFORE THE UPLOAD PROCESS HAS COMPLETED!!! Closing the upload photos window prematurely would disrupt the upload process. This would result in your photos not being uploaded to O-Line-Photos. You would then have to repeat the upload procedure.

4. Permission to publish photos. You need permission from the person(s) that are recognizable on a photo that you take, in order to publish that photo. That permission can be an oral consent or a signed document (model release) stating that you are allowed to publish the photo. Please make sure to provide an oral consent (by checking the oral consent checkbox) or a model release when a person is recognizable on a photo you upload. O-Line-Photos is not responsible for any photo that you upload without permission and can not be held liable for any consequence of such an action. 

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