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Photo guidelines

The following photo guidelines will explain to you the type of photos that O-Line-Photos would like you to upload. Following these guidelines will improve the chances of your photos being accepted and included in the O-Line-Photos gallery. Note that the guidlines can be modified from time to time. So please check this page regularly.

1. Shoot natural (daily life) photos. Avoid unnatural photos such as posed or staged photos. O-Line-Photos strives to supply Real life Photos. Photos of people, animals etc. in their natural day to day behaviour and environment. Inanimate objects should also be photographed as they are in their natural day to day usage.

2. Shoot interesting photos. We would like you to post photos that tell a story or embodies a feeling, an emotion, etc. Eventhough a photo is a static object, it can still express one or more various actions or emotions. So when you are going to upload a photo, ask yourself... "Is this photo interesting? does it tell me a story? Does it stimulate my imagination?", etc.

3. Shoot photos at the highest quality possible. Shoot photos at the higest quality possible that your camera offers. This allows for a wider application of the photo in sizes and usage.

4. Shoot photos about current affairs. Look and listen to what is happening around you. Make photos that illustrate these current topics and issues. 

5. Technical requirements. O-Line-Photos would (preferably) like to receive photos of at least 5 magapixels at the maximum jpeg quality and resolution. 

6. O-Line-Photos does not want:
- Pornographic photos 
- Nude photos

7. O-Line-Photos wants:
- Especially interesting photos of people.
- Photos of people in their natural day to day behaviour and environment
- Photos of people showing emotion like anger, sadnes, happines, love, etc.
- Photos conserning current affairs and hot toppics
- Various other photos. Check the available photo categories to get an idea.

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